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My name is Kaley Haff and this will be my sophomore year as a Forensic Science Major and Dance Minor here at UCF. I’m from a small town in Florida called Spring Hill, and graduated from Springstead High School in 2018. One of my favorite classes at UCF was actually a GEP course called Theatre Survey, taught by Professor Holly McDonald. She was an overall kind, compassionate, and understanding human being that made you want to come to class and learn all that the world of theatre has to offer. I personally grew up involved in the arts, and having a professor who appreciated and encouraged the expression of one’s true self through art was a refreshing way to start my first year here at UCF! One of my favorite professors, however, was a graduate student who taught my Mathematics of Calculus (Precalc and Trig) course, Arielle Gaudiello. You could tell she genuinely cared about her students and wanted them to succeed! She was such a kind caring person, always open to questions and providing extra help when needed. I have the EXCEL program to thank for my experience in passing these challenging math courses. When I discovered the EXCEL program I instantly wanted to apply with the academic resources and community they provide for students! The change from high school to college is a daunting concept, and the EXCEL program genuinely helps make it a smoother transition process. The GEMS program also helped me make long lasting friendships and helped me get more involved in the STEM community. Do not be afraid to ask for help, or to get involved in your community; while there will be many academic challenges it’s important to have a good support system! Don’t forget to have a little me time every once in a while, you deserve it, go explore your hobbies or even try new things! In my free time I like to do just about anything; I love spending time outdoors, but I also love playing the Sims, listening to some good music, and of course, being a dance minor, dancing.