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My name is Katherine Duffy and I am a sophomore Mechanical Engineering major at UCF. I graduated from Southeast High School in Bradenton, Fl. My calculus classes have been my favorite classes at UCF because I enjoy the puzzle that you find in solving an equation. My favorite professor is Professor Swanson who was my EXCEL math teacher in my first year. His teaching involves explaining the theory and the method which in my opinion is more helpful to the student as they are learning more than just the steps and he is always there to help explain things in a different way if you still do not understand it. I decided to get involved in GEMS because I want to be able to help the young women of EXCEL have a smooth transition into all of the aspects of college life. My college life is a good balance between school and a social life including hanging out with friends, watching movies, and long boarding. Words of advice for the GEMS freshman students: Get involved around the campus, it is a great way to meet people and there are many things on campus that you can enjoy with your friends.