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Hello! My name is Katelyn Mingee and I am a sophomore majoring in mechanical engineering. I graduated from Oviedo High School. Overall, my favorite classes have been my computer science classes which are Concepts in Computer Science and Introduction to Programming with C. I had never taken a computer science class before when I got to UCF, let alone coded, but I ended up finding these classes very interesting. Matthew Gerber, the professor for Concepts in Computer science, keeps his students interested and engaged in his lectures (even at 8 A.M.), which is why he would have to be my favorite professor. I initially decided to get involved with GEMS because of the opportunity to have a mentor around my age who has just experienced things I was about to experience; it made for a much smoother transition into my first year in college. I really hope that I can provide the same guidance and encouragement my mentor provided for me so that my mentees feel more comfortable during their first year in college. In my free time, I like baking, going to Disney, and trying local restaurants. My advice to you would be to get involved, but do not feel like you need to do absolutely everything in your first semester or even second. There is so much to do at UCF, but there is plenty of time to do what you want.