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Hi guys! My name is Katelan Yap, and I am a senior majoring in Biomedical Sciences. I graduated from Bishop Moore High School that's in the great city of Orlando, Florida, in 2013. I've lived in the Orlando area for about 12 years now, so know of all the fun places to go and see in this area! Although UCF is close to home for me, I'm very glad that I chose it, because it has a lot to offer. There are many programs here, such as EXCEL that will help you achieve your goals. My favorite class that I've taken so far at UCF is Organic Chemistry II with Dr. Miles. The class was REALLY challenging, and made me go a little bit crazy from all the hard work I put in, but Dr. Miles was such a great teacher, and always said encouraging words during his classes that uplifted my spirit and sparked my resolve. He would also tell funny stories about his experiences when he did research, which would always make me laugh! When I'm not studying or spending time with friends, I like to draw, sing, play video games, play my ukulele, read, listen to music, go on food adventures, cook, and binge watch Netflix! Get involved with an organization on campus! It's a wonderful way to transition from high school to college. However, be sure to not to get carried away. I have known some people who don't do well in classes because they invest too much time in an organization.