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My name is Kaitlyn Martin, though most know me by Katy, and I am an Electrical Engineering major. This is my sophomore year here at UCF. I graduated from Bartram Trail High School, in Saint Johns, Florida. My favorite class I’ve taken so far is Composition II partly due to the class being taught by an amazing professor and the coursework being so open-ended. The class allowed room for interpretation and exploration, especially the final paper, which gave me the opportunity to explore micro expressions. The professor for this class was Professor Launier, he is an amazing individual and really helped me to develop my writing and research skills. I decided to become a mentor after having such a great experience with my own mentors, in both COMPASS and GEMS. Personally, it was a relief knowing that I had someone there to offer advice and support and I want to be able to do that same thing for future mentees. Outside of school I enjoy reading, paddle boarding, crocheting, and spending time with friends.