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Hello! My name is Kaitlyn Kamerzel, I am in my second year at UCF majoring in Environmental Engineering. I am originally from St. Augustine, Florida and graduated from Creekside High School in 2017. My favorite class so far was Intro to Engineering with Professor Sullivan. The labs were fun and interesting, and Sullivan really cares about her students, you can ask her any question about almost anything and she is there to help. I am involved in eli^2, American Society of Civil Engineers, and Society of Environmental Engineers; I also have an internship with Singhofen & Associates, a water resource company 5 minutes away from campus. In my free time I love reading, listening to music, hanging out with my friends, and eating free food. I hope you all take full advantage of what GEMS has to offer; its always nice to have support from a group of students, and guidance from a mentor that has been in your shoes really helps you get used to college life. Some advice for incoming freshman: take every opportunity you can at UCF, join clubs, go to events, don't be afraid to ask questions (I am always here!), and go to class. Have fun and make memories, but not too much fun because you need to gradate!