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My name is Juliette Pimbert and I am a junior with an Aerospace Engineering major and an Art History minor. I graduated from Doral Academy in Doral, Florida (which is in Miami). One of my favorite classes at UCF is Italian Renaissance Art. This may seem a bit bizarre for someone majoring in a STEM field. However, I have been able to gain so much knowledge on culture and history by studying various famous paintings and sculptures that I wouldn’t have discovered if it weren’t for this course. Currently, my favorite professor is Lori Pyle, EXCEL’s Calc 2 professor. Her organization of this class was very straightforward, as was her test grading, which is something I have come to greatly appreciate over my semesters at UCF. She is also incredibly sweet and provides her students with many resources to utilize throughout the semester. This includes her office hours where she will answer any questions you may have. The reason that I joined GEMS is because I have always loved helping people. As a returning mentor, I couldn’t be happier to be back and apply my new knowledge and skills that I have learned throughout my time in this program. I am here to be a guiding resource and the number-one person to call when you have any questions relating to academics or even social events. Some words of wisdom that I have for you coming into my third year of college is, although it is amazing to join clubs, sororities, and fraternities, please don’t put too much on your plate. Being a freshman can be difficult at times because you will be adjusting to a whole different chapter in your life. Just remember I am always here to help you with whatever you may need. Besides being your mentor, you will usually find me in the library drinking a cafe con leche, playing Sims on my computer, playing tennis with our UCF Tennis Club, or cooking a new meal at my apartment. Welcome to UCF, you’re going to love it here!