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My name is Juliana Baez and I am a Forensic and Biomedical Science double major with a minor in Chemistry. This will be my third year at UCF. I graduated from Palmetto Ridge High School which is located in Naples, Florida. One of my favorite classes at UCF was Introduction to Forensic Science. The forensic community is huge with many career paths available, so almost every week a forensic scientist from a different discipline would come in to speak to us about their specific role in the forensic community. I learned about many different fields that I at first had no interest in but now am looking into. One of my favorite professors at UCF is Dr. Lawrence. I had him for Organic Chemistry I and he is able to simplify one of the hardest classes in the scientific world to make it better to understand. He also puts funny chemistry jokes in his exams that help calm your nerves a bit. I enjoy the GEMS program because I love the idea of girls helping girls succeed and grow in their educational careers.  You get an amazing support system from the mentors and your fellow GEMSmates. I decided to get involved and become a mentor because the program truly helped me when I was a freshman scared to face college. The same way my mentor guided me through getting used to UCF and gaining valuable insight on different resources available, I want to be that person to a new group of students facing the nerves of college. I expect the program to continue growing as more girls enjoy the support of having a mentor and want to give back and continue the cycle, like many others and I are doing. In my free time, I like working on cars, hanging out with my friends, and window shopping.