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HI! I am Julia Felter. I am currently a junior studying Environmental Engineering at UCF. I am from Altamonte Springs, FL and attended Seminole High School in Sanford. My favorite class at UCF so far has been chemistry (2045, it's better). I really enjoy the subject, my teacher was great (Emily Heiber) and it was a break from all the math that is needed for engineering. However my favorite professor was Dr. Moore, Calculus 1, he knew a lot about the subject and how to communicate it well to his student. Growing up with a sister, who is also in engineering, my parents never separated events by their gender roles. We could do anything that we wanted to do to gain educational experience. I felt empowered by my parents to do what I wanted to do and that is what I hope to achieve as a GEMS mentor. As I enter my junior year I have learned a few tricks about college. Time management is necessary and so is some fun time! When planning classes definitely talk to older students and your classmates; the older students have experienced what classes do and do not work together, and your classmates will help you study throughout the course. I look forward to meeting you all; maybe we will be canoeing on Lake Claire or getting some ice cream!