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My name is Jessica Schwab and I am a Biomedical Sciences Major. I'm originally from Sarasota,Fl but love living in Orlando! I graduated high school from Suncoast Polytechnical High School with a ton of AP and dual enrollment credits (hard work really does pay off!).This will be my second year at UCF and I am planning on rushing for Greek Life in the Fall. I am currently working at CVS Pharmacy with my freshman year mentor as a Pharmacy Technician. I am really enjoying my job and think it could turn into a possible career for me in the future, but you never know what could be thrown my way. That is one awesome, but maybe scary, thing about college. You can never really know where your going to end up, but in the end I believe that we all end up where we are supposed to be! My favorite class so far at UCF would have to be Calculus 1 with Professor Brian Moore. He is a character and makes the whole class crack up with his hilarious home stories about his adorable son. Although he was a hard professor, it was definitely an experience I'm glad I had. That is another awesome benefit to the EXCEL program. A specific number of seats and even whole classes are designated for the EXCEL students. You will meet some of your closest friends in this program. My previous GEMS mentor inspired me to be a mentor this year after the awesome friendship we made. I hope I can give you all that same experience! I am always here if you are in need of any advice or just need a friend. Can't wait to meet you guys, and good luck!