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My name is Jessica and I'm an Industrial Engineering major. I graduated from Felix Varela Senior High School. My favorite classes so far are Systems Simulation and Industrial Engineering Computer Applications because these are the first classes I am taking that will provide me with hands‐on experience relevant to my field. My time and work in these classes definitely feels worthwhile. My favorite professor is Dr. Geiger because his speech in the Intro to Engineering class first planted the IE seed in my blood. His classes are very hands on and help develop skill sets specific to the Industrial Engineering profession. I wanted to be a part of GEMS because I think that helping others is an extremely rewarding experience. I had my fair share of triumphs and failures during my first two years at UCF and I am so excited to guide others based on my experience. My advice for the first year is to jump on the time management as soon as you can. It is so easy to fall behind, and then you will feel like you are constantly playing catch up and don't have enough time for anything except schoolwork. Keep a planner, make a schedule, and stick to it! It makes it so much easier to balance school, a job, friends, and whatever else you want to add. Aside from school work, I enjoy laying out by the pool and hanging out with my boyfriend and friends. On lazier days, I love to cuddle up and watch Netflix all day long. I also like cooking healthy meals and working out every day.