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Hello, my name is Jennifer Akinpelu and I am excited to be your GEMS mentor! I am currently a civil engineering major and I’m going into my second year at UCF. Outside of school, I love to write, travel, and do anything that allows me to be as creative as possible. I’m very outspoken and friendly. I basically was born and raised in South Florida. I graduated in 2019 from College Academy at Broward College, which is in Coconut Creek, Florida. Then I decided to come to UCF, so I have been in Florida my whole life so far. I join the EXCEL program so that I could make friends and network within my major.  EXCEL has given me the opportunity to be in GEMS and have an amazing mentor. GEMS really encouraged me as a woman in a STEM major to succeed and move forward no matter what. Through both programs I was able to have an amazing first year at UCF.  I hope to encourage you and your major of choice and be your support system when you need it. I learned a lot about UCF and have tons of great advice to share with you. I also hope that I can make your first year at UCF as an amazing as mine was or even better!