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My name is Jasmine Moy and I am a Information Technology major and a Secure Computing and Networks minor.  This is my fourth year at UCF.  I graduated from Viera High School which is in Melbourne, Florida in 2020.  One of my favorite classes is Network Security and Privacy because I learned a lot more about cybersecurity and it was very hands on.  For this class, we had to create virtual machines for Windows, Kali Linux, and Metasploitable and use these machines to interact with one another.  I learned more about cyber attacks and how to find them through Wireshark captures.  One of my favorite professors is Karin Markle because she makes her classes fun and project based.  I chose to take her classes 4 different times and each time I learn a lot and am able to have a project to show off afterwards.  I decided to join the EXCEL program because I wanted to meet other people that are also STEM majors and the tutoring and mentorship program interested me.  I really love how the program helps first years learn about the many opportunities that they can participate in.  I am always receiving emails about events such as guest speaker events that can help with networking.  Additionally, the mentorship program helped me transition to college easier because I had someone that I could go to for guidance.  The EXCEL center is also extremely helpful because of the extra tutoring that it offers.  When I was really struggling with Calculus II, I went to the EXCEL center weekly to get help on specific homework questions that I was attempting to solve. In my free time I like to go to workout classes, hang out with friends, read, go to the beach, and go on walks.