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Hi mentee! My name is Jasmine Lopez and I am a third year undergraduate majoring in Biomedical Sciences. In 2013, I graduated from University High School, which is actually only a mere few minutes away from UCF so I didn't travel very far. My favorite class thus far at UCF was General Microbiology. This class is one of the many core requirements of the major and I loved it! It definitely wasn't easy, but it's totally doable. The instructor of the class, Professor White, is extremely helpful in tons of different ways and is super passionate about what she teaches and that, among many other things, is what draws her students in wanting to learn more. Everything she taught was so interesting that I sometimes found myself not wanting class to be over so she could continue on with lecture! Professor white's tests will definitely make you second guess yourself no matter how much time you put into studying, but these challenges are what helped me to become a better student overall. She was hands‐down my favorite professor. Aside from class, a program that had a major impact on how I perform as a student was the GEMS program itself. In this program, STEM majors are able to collaborate and support each other to help achieve goals. It's also comforting to know that the program provides its students with numerous opportunities to ensure that students are successful in their classes and everything else they do in and out of UCF. However, on a lighter note, I love to travel, play volleyball, relax at the beach, Netflix it up, and hang out with friends. To many, college is all about new beginnings. This is your chance to discover yourself and follow your dreams. Don't let anything get in the way of your successes!