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My name is Jamie Mihelich. I am a sophomore in an Aerospace Engineering Major here at UCF. I graduated high school all the way in Colorado Springs, Colorado at Coronado Highschool in 2020. My favorite class has actually been the Intro to Engineering course we are mandated to take. It’s not particularly difficult, but it’s been an amazing resource to find engineering-based clubs and organizations on campus as well as a good introduction to skills we will need as future engineers. Keeping on theme, my favorite professor has been Dr. Sullivan. She taught the lecture portion of the Intro to Engineering course and is insanely knowledgeable and always open to students reaching out for assistance or even just to talk with her. She’s a great resource to have on campus. I really love GEMS because it is a safety net for your first year on campus because there are so many people that you can count on for being in similar classes and going through similar things. It’s nice to come on to campus for the first time knowing you already have someone there for you. That sense of comradery is why I joined, and why I chose to mentor this year. In my free time, I’m a general nerd: I love superhero movies (specifically Marvel), I love all things Disney, and I play a lot of story-based videogames (I’m really bad at pvp, so battle royal games aren’t for me).