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Hello! My name is Isabelle Abaray and I am a Sophomore Biology Major on the Pre-veterinary/Zoology Track. In 2021, I graduated from William R. Boone High School in Orlando, Florida. One of my favorite classes so far has been the Biology 2 Lab because I am able to be hands-on and see topics that I have learned in lecture, in action! My favorite professor so far has been Professor Thomas, because she made a hard class super easy to understand and is always happy to answer questions. I decided to get involved in GEMS because I wanted to be able to get advice from someone who is farther along in my major. I’ve learned so much from my mentor during my first year, I want to be able to pass that knowledge on to others. Being a woman in STEM can be daunting, so having someone you can always reach out to is super helpful. When I’m not in class, I love to hang out with friends and catch up on sleep!