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Hello! My name is Emma Robertson and I am a fourth-year forensic science major! I graduated from Florida Virtual School in 2021. My favorite class at UCF would have to be the Intro to Forensic Science class held by Dr. Bridge, who works in the forensics field herself. This class teaches about all of the forensic science disciplines that one can get into and even has guest speakers that are part of different specializations, which is really interesting and informative. Dr. Bridge is one of my favorite professors because she really gets involved and is always happy to help.

I chose to be involved with the GEMS program because it is great opportunity to make connections and form a team of women in STEM. This program is valuable in helping students feel part of a community with shared interests while also providing resources that help students in social, academic, and professional ways. I look forward to helping others adjust to college life and reach their goals, just as my previous mentor did for me!

A couple words of advice I have are to try to find the school/social balance that fits you the best. Some people work too hard and don’t take time to relax, while others may get a bit too indulgent with their freedom. Learning the time management style that works best for you is important. I also recommend trying new things that could end up having really rewarding outcomes! Some things I like to do away from school are read, play video games, spend time with friends, and explore new places!