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My name is Elysha Weinberger and I am an Aerospace Engineering major in my junior year. I am originally from south Florida where I graduated from Western High School in 2009. So far my two favorite classes were statics and thermodynamics. Both classes challenged me and made me realize I love engineering. My favorite professor was Chris O'Riodan‐Adjah, who taught my statics class, because I felt he really cared about his students' success and taught in a very interesting way. I wanted to be involved in the GEMS program because I felt I could help freshmen women engineers adjust to college. Being an engineer can feel overwhelming sometimes with the difficultly level of the classes and being a woman in the field can add to that difficultly. While studying takes up a large part of my time I still find time to have fun by going out with my friends, watching movies, and going to Disney. Words of Wisdom to GEMS freshman students: Although being an engineering student can be tough, finding a balance between your studies and your social life is important.