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Hi! My name is Elizabeth Warner (you can call me Eliza) and I am a sophomore at UCF studying Industrial Engineering. I graduated from University High School in Orlando FL, which is actually right down the street from UCF! So far, my favorite classes at UCF have been the intro to engineering classes, because I loved designing, creating, and testing our projects. I also really enjoy chorus at UCF, as Dr. Brunner and Dr. Miller are amazing professors! I decided to get involved with GEMS because it was full of awesome opportunities for me as a freshman! The networking events are always really informative and interesting, and can help you get your foot in the door at companies you'd have never thought! As my first year ended, I was inspired by this program and thought it would be really cool to become a mentor. I am excited to bond with my group and create fun memories! My words of wisdom to any girls in GEMS would be to not be intimidated by UCF (the size, the people, joining clubs, going to events, etc.) During my first semester, I was afraid to put myself out there and I avoided joining clubs and even going to GEMS events. During my second semester, I decided to put my fears aside and just do it, what's the worst that could happen? At the first networking event I went to, I met an Industrial Engineer who works for Disney, we exchanged contact information and I got to have lunch with one of her other IE coworkers and learn even more about The Walt Disney Company! It was simply magical. During my free time, I like to travel, go to Disney, hang out with my friends, and chill by the pool or at the beach. Oh, and sleep, sleep is good.