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Hi I am Elizabeth Nogues, I am a sophomore studying Mechanical Engineering. In 2015 I graduated from Design and Architecture Senior High in Miami. My favorite class so far has been part 2 of intro to engineering the reason it has been my favorite is because at the end we got to build a boat for the Orange Navel Race and my team after a lot of work and fixing actually won. My favorite professor is Mr. Salazar he is an English professor who actually made English interesting which is surprising since I have never enjoyed the English subject. I decided to participate in the mentors program to mentor girls who are interested in the STEM fields and to encourage them. I like to wake board and draw in my free time, not to mention watch movies especially ones with super heroes. From those movies come some words of wisdom let people question if you can do something, but when they do just say “”I can, I will, watch me”” and prove them wrong; you can do anything as long as you put the effort into it.