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My major is Microbiology & Molecular Biology (M&M) and I am currently in my junior year. I graduated from Atlantic Technical Center Magnet High School in Coconut Creek, FL and joined UCF in 2008. My favorite professors are Dr. Donovan Dixon from Chemistry and Dr. Raheleh Ahangari from Microbiology and Molecular Biology. Dr. Dixon taught my General Chemistry II class. I enjoyed the challenge of the course and Dr. Dixon's humor during the lectures. I currently have Dr. Ahangari for Physiology and her presentation of the material along with her genuine kindness makes it a pleasure going to class. My hobbies include watching international soccer, cooking, listening to music and shopping. What I love about the GEMS program is that it helps build a strong foundation for the EXCEL female freshman to be successful in their chosen STEM majors. The GEMS program is paving the way for a group of strong, enthusiastic, confident future female leaders.