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Hi! My name is Cristina Maldonado but you can call me Cristy. I am a Computer Engineer major. I am currently in my second year at UCF. I graduated from South Dade Senior High School in 2019. My favorite class so far is Calculus I with Piotr Mikusinski. Although the experience was tough, it really prepared my mindset for other difficult classes. As a shy first-year student, I really struggled to get around campus and truly get to know the beneficial perks of this university. However, my GEMS mentor was a constant familiar face that I would go to with questions on how to branch out more. She gave me so much support to reach out to people and school organizations. She also helped me in my chosen major when I was confused about my first choice. I know what first-years go through and I also want to help ease your transitions. I have always liked helping people out in any way I can. I volunteered with elementary students who were struggling with their academics, so I have experience when it comes to trying to help other students. I wish the most in future encounters, whether it is academics or university experience. When not in school-mode, I enjoy drawing, watching anime, and hearing foreign music.