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My name is Christine Sarkis and I am a Biomedical Sciences major, pursuing the microbiology track, as well as a Biology major, with a track in Marine and Aquatic Sciences. I'm in my sophomore year. I graduated from Cornerstone Charter Academy which is in Orlando and not too far from UCF. I'm from the graduating class of 2017. My favorite class so far is Medical Terminology. It's really interesting to learn about the body in a way that doesn't seem intimidating, which makes the class really fun. My favorite teacher is Professor Thomas for Biology 1. I really enjoyed her class and really appreciated how understanding she was about what steps of cellular respiration we needed to know and didn't have us memorize every single molecule involved in the process. One piece of advice I have is to get involved in something fun, that may not be related to your major. You will meet such an awesome variety of people. It's also a great break from classes, allows you to just have a fun time and destress when you need it. When I have some free time I love to read fantasy books, watch musicals, ice skate, knit and take pictures. Also, if I've got lots of time (and money), I love to travel and go new places.