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My name is Chelsey Ameda and I am a sophomore with a Biomedical Sciences major and a minor in Medical Sociology. I graduated from School for Advanced Studies ‐ North campus in 2017. One of my favorite classes so far was Social Problems. This class is what helped me decide that I wanted to have a minor in sociology. I realized that I always had something to say in sociology despite me being the quiet person in my classes. My favorite professor so far is that Social Problems teacher, Professor Stephanie Gonzalez‐Guittar. She was very open‐minded and willing to help with understanding the world and the society we live in. Her class was easy to take because of how well she explained the subject. I decided to get involved with GEMS because I love how my mentor aided me in my first year if college. She was real and raw and a demonstration of how failure and success can both be eminent in your life. I want to be able to do the same things for my mentees by being myself and showing them how hard yet enjoyable UCF can be for a woman in STEM. When I'm not studying or doing work, I like to watch movies, try new restaurants, occasionally go to the gym, and relax.