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My name is Chelsea Malone, and I am a Biomedical Sciences major. This will be my fourth year at UCF. In 2013, I graduated as valedictorian from Summerlin Military Academy, located in Bartow, Florida. One of my favorite classes at UCF has been the lab component of Microbiology. Without the pressure of daily quizzes and lab reports, you were able to come to every lab excited to take on that days experiment and learn from what you did, whether it was correct or not. One of my favorite professors here at UCF is Dr. Borgon. He is very “”down‐to‐Earth”” and relatable. There is not a class that goes by that he doesn't show a comic in QBM or crack a joke in molecular biology. While those subjects can be overwhelming and dry at times, he always makes sure we are engaged and interested in the material. In fact, a lot of classes for STEM majors are daunting and take a lot out of you, which is why I joined GEMS. It is really nice to have someone to gather advice from, who has already been in your shoes, while also having fun and getting away from the stress of it all. When I have three exams in a week I am cramming to study for, it's nice to know you have peers who are going through the same things and can act as your support system. When I am not studying for an exam, doing homework or writing lab reports, I love to volunteer in my community, lift weights at them gym or just lay in bed all day, wearing my pajamas and watching old Doctor Who episodes. Words of advice for GEMS freshman students: Find a daily rhythm that works for you. Schedule out what you are going to do every day and follow it through. You will get in the habit of studying, doing homework and going to class at the same times, so it will feel natural and you won't feel as bogged down when you know you need to get things done. It's also helpful because it ensures you study a little bit every day instead of waiting until the day before an exam to cram in several chapters worth of material.