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My name is Camille Reynolds-Levy and I am a Biomedical Sciences major. I am preparing to go into my second year at UCF and graduated from University High School in Orlando, Florida. My favorite class so far is Chemistry 1B with Professor Beazeley because she was really relatable and funny. I know it seems strange to like Chemistry but she made it so much better with her genuine personality. She would always talk about how it was too early for chemistry but still encourage us to stay with her and you can tell she makes the effort to put a name to your face even in a class of 100+ kids. Being a part of the GEMS program allowed me to surround myself with other like-minded and motivated females. I hope to gain experience in a leadership position on the collegiate level by becoming a mentor this year and be that person incoming freshmen can come to with any questions like my mentor was for me last year. A piece of advice that I can provide for first year students is to not bog yourself down by comparing your journey to someone else’s. This is a really big point in your life where you’re finding your footing in the world and experiencing independence in different aspects of your life. As a young adult, I know that can feel overwhelming. I think the most beneficial thing you can do is get to know yourself as a student and independent person. If you are mindful of your own goals and thought processes, grappling with college and the changes to come will seem more manageable. In my free time I like to hang out with friends and do outdoor activities.