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My name is Caitlin Stevenson and I am a senior, majoring in Molecular Biology and Microbiology with a minor in Health Sciences. I graduated from Suncoast High School in Riviera Beach, Florida in 2010. One of my favorite classes at UCF has been Epidemiology of Infectious Diseases because the material incorporated statistics and disease together, while learning how to read medical scientific journals. One of my favorite professors at UCF has been Dr. Weigel because he made Immunology challenging and enjoyable to learn. I decided to get involved with the GEMS program because I remember being afraid of the changes that come when starting college. When I was a freshman GEMS mentee, my mentor really helped me stay on track and she gave great advice, so I didn't feel too overwhelmed. I would love to be able to share my experiences and give my own advice to younger female students in hopes of being just like my mentor. I hope that the GEMS program can continue to keep girls in the STEM majors and to provide great opportunities that UCF has to offer beyond the classroom. Incoming freshmen should really take advantage of the EXCEL resources and meet other STEM students because they can provide tools to success and support. Outside of my classes, I enjoy being outdoors, taking pictures, going to spin class, baking, and watching movies.