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My name is Brittney Gray and I am entering my sophomore year as a forensic science major here at UCF. I am from Tampa, Florida and graduated from Middleton high school in 2017. UCF offers just about every class under the sun but some that I really enjoyed taking were philosophy, a comprehensive study on different schools of thought, and communication. My communication class was taught by Professor David Young and I loved him, he kept the class entertained and he made sure we had all the answers to pass the tests. I, like many of you, was intrigued by the EXCEL program when I first started getting things in the mail; after completing my application and being notified I was accepted I really began to see how tight knit of a community of resources this program is. I took my freshman classes through the EXCEL program and loved them. On the GEMS side of things I was pretty active in going to social events and I loved meeting new people, I quickly realized I wanted to be a mentor. My advice to everyone is to have a plan but also a plan B because lots of the time things don't work out the way you wanted them to and that's okay. College is a fun new experience but it does have a bit of a learning curve. In my free time I enjoy playing soccer and volleyball, working out at the gym, kayaking, and staying inside to binge a few seasons of The Office.