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My name is Brittney Gray and I am a third year UCF student and a second year GEMS mentor. I am a forensic science major with a focus on the biochemistry track, and I am also working to obtain a certificate in crime scene investigation. I went to Middleton high school in Tampa, Florida. One of my favorite classes at UCF was Intro to Forensic science, taught by Dr. Bridge, she is a career chemist and a hilarious person to know! I got involved in the Excel program after hearing about the smaller class sizes and research opportunities that come along with being an Excel student. I then learned about GEMS and had an amazing time with my mentor and group when I was a freshman. The GEMS program really helps to facilitate your freshman experience and provides you with similarly-majored young women to help support you from day one! In my free time, I enjoy working out and being outdoors! UCF offers a ton of great resources for students like free volleyball and kayaking at Lake Claire, as well as a free rock climbing wall in the gym. A word of advice for your freshman year: do not be afraid to ask questions! Whether that is in class or with your GEMS mentor, we are all here to help!