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Hi mentee! My name is Bridget Perry and I am a Biology major with a minor in leadership studies. I am hoping to attend vet school in the future! This will be my second year at UCF. I graduated from Hagerty High School which is literally right behind the UCF campus. One of my favorite classes here at UCF is English Composition 2 with Allison Stack because not only did I learn so much about myself but it also made me more appreciative of the diverse worldviews out there. You also get to do your own research project which was really exciting too. Professor Stack who teaches this class was definitely my favorite professor thus far because she is very engaging and inspiring. If you take ENC 1101 or 1102 you MUST take it with Allison Stack!!!! Anyway, I really do love this program because it is a great support system for those that are pursuing STEM majors. It is nice to have a network of people that you can receive help from. One thing I think every incoming college student should keep in mind is to take advantage of everything UCF has to offer. If you sit around and aren't productive with your time then you are more likely not going to have a great college experience. However, if you get out there and meet new people, join new organizations and try different things then you will have an AMAZING experience. College is what you make of it, so make sure you take advantage of all the opportunities that are offered to you! But remember “”balance”” is the key. You will find that this word is so important in college. There are so many things to do in college and it can get a bit overwhelming at times. But just pace yourself, take one day at a time, and try not to overcommit to too many things at once. But on a less serious note, other than being a science geek I love playing volleyball, making crafts, shadowing vet clinics, watching Big Bang Theory, playing with dogs, and doing anything new and exciting! I love a good adventure! I can't wait to meet you! Get excited for a good year!