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My name is Annabelle Hillis, but you can call me Annie. I am a Mechanical Engineer major. This will be my second year at UCF. I graduated from Timber Creek High School, located in Orlando, Florida, in 2022. One of my favorite classes at UCF is Calculus, specifically Calculus II. Yes, that is a nerdy answer, but I like the challenge math gives with the lack of exceptions and ambiguity courses like science or english have. One of my favorite professors is Professor Pyles. I had her for Calculus II and I really enjoyed learning from her. She knows how to slow down and explain concepts in a way that helps students really understand. I decided to get involved with the EXCEL/COMPASS program for I needed a group to help me learn where I wanted to go through college. COVID took away what little time I had in high school to decide what exactly I wanted to major in or when I saw the EXCEL/COMPASS program I jumped right on board – after I filled out the applications, of course. The program helped me feel more comfortable in my pursuit in STEM.  To help de-stress from college life I enjoy cooking, baking, drawing, reading, music, being outside, and petting cute animals. Come to me if you want to see MANY photos of my dogs. For all the freshman: please talk to the people around you in class. You don’t know who will become your study buddy and trust me, you’ll need them.