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My name is Anabelle Manriquez. I am a senior in Civil Engineering focusing on structural and construction, as well as a minor in Engineering Leadership. I will be doing my third year as a GEMS mentor. I went to Tampa Bay Technical High School in Tampa, Florida. I have a love for nature and the arts, anything from architecture, paintings, and photography. In my free time, I like to draw, explore new places to photograph, hike, and travel. Some of my favorite professors here at UCF were Professor Mayo who taught me Fluid Mechanics and Numerical Methods, she has been the nicest and most thoughtful professor that truly cares about you and wants you to understand the material. Professor Cleavenger who taught me Management of Organizations for my minor, his class were always super engaging because he would always make us laugh, tell us hilarious stories relatable to the lectures, and would always give heart-to-heart life lessons. Moving to a whole new city and a university with 60,000 students, I wanted to get involved in GEMS because I wanted to be a part of a smaller community that has similar career choices, who will understand the struggles I will be going through and striving for similar accomplishments. I expected that however much I put into this program is how much I will get out of it.  


Advice for incoming freshmen: Push yourself out your comfort zone, go out, and explore what is out there for you. Never know who you will meet or what community you will find yourself to fit in and how much of an impact it will create in your personal and/or professional life.