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My name is Amnie Ashour and I am a Biomedical Sciences major. This coming fall will be the start of my third year at UCF. I graduated from Olympia High School which is right here in Orlando, Florida. So far my favorite classes have been Quantitative Biological Methods and Microbiology! The labs for upper level science classes like micro and QBM are great and you truly gain a lot of experience that will lay the foundation for biomedical research if you're interested in that! Which if you're in this major I hope you are! My favorite professor so far is Dr. Borgon who teaches Molecular Biology 1 and 2 and also teaches QBM. He's a stickler for plagiarism and for good reason ‐‐ if you can't figure things out on your own: Think critically and independently, then you should start practicing. EXCEL is a program that I have come to really appreciate. You meet some absolutely great people that have the same major and interests as you, next thing you know you're all taking classes together and planning schedules together. It helps you feel like you're a part of a community and belong at UCF. Those kind of relationships, I believe, are essential for incoming freshmen ‐‐ especially when you're a freshman at a university as large as ours. Outside of school, I love to go out, watch the latest movies, and hang with friends. I enjoy console and handheld video games as well a little PC gaming in large skype calls. My relaxing hobbies are digital and traditional painting (mostly landscapes) as well as sketching figure drawings. If you ever want to see my artwork just ask I'll be more than happy to show you my portfolio.