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Hi! My name is Amber Lett, and I am a Computer Engineering major and Electrical Engineering minor. This will be my second year at UCF. In 2020, I graduated from Fort Walton Beach High School. One of my favorite classes at the university was LEAD Scholars 2001. In order to take this course, you have to be a member of the LEAD Scholars program which is another great program offered here at UCF. It’s a great way to connect with other first year students, and learn more about the campus and all the opportunities provided for students. My favorite professor at UCF is Professor Karpinski. I had her as my professor for LEAD Scholars class during the spring semester of my freshman year. She was always so active with her students and made class so fun and interesting. I love this program because it gives students majoring in STEM the chance to meet with other STEM students and connect within the engineering community as whole. It allows students to become more comfortable and familiar with other peers that have a similar interest in their major or minor. I would advise first year students to get involved and to not be afraid to take chances because great opportunities are always being offered and many doors are open to explore. Fun fact: I love to go to the theme parks (especially Disney World), so if you ever need someone to go with, I’m the person to come to.