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Hey! My name is Alyssa Mahaffey and I am a Mechanical Engineering major. This is my 3rd year at UCF and I graduated from Sebring High School in 2013. One of my favorite classes at UCF was Engineering Dynamics. It was probably my toughest class yet, but I absolutely loved the professor, Dr. Ni Li (she was the sweetest), and the topics the class covered. Dynamics is the stuff you need to know to build roller coasters! Anyways, I initially became involved in GEMS because when I was a mentee myself, I was given valuable advice and an unforgettable experience that is now the basis of my current successes in college. I wish nothing more than to show my mentees everything I have learned and to help them have an amazing college experience too. Some words of wisdom I have are that you should never be hesitant to get involved and go to events, because you never know if that club meeting will spark a new interest or if you will meet your best friend at an ice cream social. Outside of classes, I love to go to theme parks, explore and have adventures, go rock climbing, surfing, and beach trips.