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My name is Alicia McDougal and I graduated from Buccholz High School in Gainesville, Fl. I'm starting my last year studying Environmental Engineering at UCF. My favorite class was Chemical Process Control taught by Dr. Duranceau. This was probably one of the toughest courses I've taken at UCF but I learned so much from the class and it helped me realize how much I really enjoy chemistry. Mr. Revoir was my favorite professor, he taught Introduction to Environmental Engineering. His passion for the course and enthusiasm he expressed to his students really encouraged me to stay in Environmental Engineering. Last year I was a mentor in the GEMS program and really loved it. This was a program I wish they had available when I was a freshman because it's a great way for girls to get to know each other in such a male dominated field. In my spare time I love taking my dog on walks and going on bike rides. Words of Advice to the GEMS freshman students: The past four years have really been a roller coaster. Settling into a new school, new town, and difficult courses isn't easy but with the help of the EXCEL program everything finally fell into place. I urge the GEMS mentees to take advantage of the resources and the support offered by the EXCEL and GEMS programs.