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My major is Molecular and Microbiology and I am currently in my junior year. I graduated from Arnold High School, in Panama City Beach, FL and came to UCF in Fall 2009. My favorite professor is Greg Weigel and he teaches my Immunology class. My favorite aspect of this course is my professor's ability to make the subject interesting and his sense of humor during lectures. My favorite hobbies include crafting, shopping, volunteering, youth group, working out, watching movies, doing philanthropic work with my sorority, and spending time with my family. I've enjoyed my experience mentoring in GEMS this year because it has given me a chance to meet more people in EXCEL and bond with women that share the same interests as me. I received help in my classes and through GEMS I now have the opportunity to help the freshmen girls that I mentor get acclimated during their first year at the university.