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Hi! My name is Alexa Frost and I am a sophomore majoring in Industrial Engineering. I graduated from J.R. Arnold High School in Panama City Beach, Florida in 2015. My favorite class from my first year at UCF was Honors Psychology. It's one of those general education classes you need to take, and I had never taken psych before. It was so interesting to see all of the stuff I was learning relate to things in my own life. One of my favorite professors was Matt Russo who was a graduate student teaching Calculus III for EXCEL. Math can be a tricky subject to teach and get across to students, but he explained all of the concepts really well and made everything easy to understand. He is definitely one of the best math teachers I've ever had. I initially became involved with GEMS when I was a mentee myself last year. I met other mentees in my group who are also majoring in industrial engineering, and now I have new friends who I can even study with in future courses. In such a large school, this program really helps to make you feel like you are part of a smaller community. I had a great experience with my own mentor and I want others to be able to have the same experience I did, so I decided to become a mentor myself. When I'm not studying, I love to play tennis and racquetball, ride my longboard, watch Netflix, go to campus events, or just hang out with my friends. Some words of wisdom: Lists and calendars can be lifesavers when you have to remember all of the things you need to do by the end of the week. So write down all of your assignments to do, errands you need to run, and anything else you shouldn't forget! And secondly, bring an umbrella everywhere you go!