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My name is Alejandra Camacho and I am an Aerospace Engineering major. This is going to be my second year at UCF. I graduated in 2017 from a high school called The Master's Academy, which is in Oviedo, Florida. My favorite class so far at UCF is Calculus II, which I took through EXCEL. I had an excellent TA that really knew how to communicate new topics effectively, and the content was extremely fun and interesting to me. My favorite professor here is Dr. Donovan Dixon, who taught me CHS 1440, one of the introductory Chemistry courses for engineers. He was funny and sarcastic and honestly cared about all the students in his class. He knew what he was teaching and stuck to the syllabus really well, always making sure we well well‐prepared for the coming exams and for classes in the future. I decided to join the EXCEL program simply because it was tailored for STEM and advertised a smoother transition into college courses. It did just this, giving me amazing math and science courses as well as providing me with all the necessary tools to succeed. Some expectations that I have for these upcoming semesters is to really be there for my mentees and to get to form bonds with more people in the program. During my free time I like to read Stephen King, watch Netflix, run, swim, and play video games.