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Hi everybody! I am so excited to be a mentor for the third year and a Senior, finally! I have had such a wonderful experience in this program as both a mentor and mentee that any chance I have to continue is wonderful. Just a little about me, I am majoring in Biomedical science with a minor in Education. I will be pursuing a master's degree after I graduate and will then attend medical school. I have really enjoyed my experiences shadowing and researching in the field of pediatrics and pediatric rheumatology, so perhaps that is where my life is leading me. However, I have a true passion for quick and high pressured activities which will hopefully lead me to a career in trauma medicine in the military. It's all to be revealed in time, though! What I do know is that I am thrilled to give some of the knowledge I have learned over the last three years to incoming freshman and be a resource for them over the next two semesters…and have fun through the process! I can't wait to see where this semester takes us and as always…GO KNIGHTS!