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Hello! My name is Adithi Jayaraman, and I’m a Data Science major with a minor in Statistics and Computer Programming. I’m a junior at UCF; I graduated from Allen D. Nease High School in 2022 with an IB Diploma. So far in my college journey, my favorite class at UCF is ENC1102 (Composition II). ENC1102 is a GEP course at UCF, which means it’s required for most undergrad students. Originally, I took ENC1102 for an easy A; however, my professor made the class extremely fun, which got me interested in writing and research (and I now work in a research lab). Currently, my favorite professor is Prof. Brad Crawford who was my leadership studies professor. He’s an amazing professor who makes his classes fun and interesting as well as is a kind and compassionate person in general. I love the EXCEL and GEMS Programs because they provide a safety net and a welcoming community for STEM majors. I’ve made so many friends from my EXCEL classes and gained so many professional opportunities as an EXCEL student. For me, the best part of EXCEL is the close relationships between professors and students as well as the unlimited academic support provided by the EXCEL Center (a tutoring center available to all EXCEL students). In my free time, I love to read fantasy novels and webtoon stories, play D&D with my friends, and watch movies (especially with friends and family).