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Hi! My name is Adeolu Orogade and I am a senior majoring in Biology. I attended Zamani College(a high school). A class I really enjoyed at UCF was philosophy. It required a lot of reasoning and I found the discussions about the topics covered quite interesting. Although I have different positive experiences with the professors that have taught me, Mrs. Rhonda Nelson had a great impact to my stay at UCF. She was one of my very first professor as she taught me Composition I and II. She showed me through her actions, warm words and evaluations that adherence to rules are crucial to succeed. I cannot talk about my years so far at UCF without mentioning this program, EXCEL. GEMS, in particular have helped me to build strong relationships with people with and outside my major. Involvement in this program, I believe will provide a great support during the academic years. When I am not studying, I love watching shows and musicals, reading novels and hanging out with friends. I am sure you have heard of this a billion times (if possible) but do not wait for the last minute to get things done. I agree that some classes require less time spent when compared to other classes but you will be amazed at how overwhelming doing many last minute things will affect you. Always remember as you go through your academic years that “”it does not matter how hard you fall but how high you'll bounce back””.