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Ford Engineer Discusses Largest Hurdles To Self-Driving Cars.

TechCrunch (3/9, Etherington) reports Ford said it is still committed to its goal of releasing “a fleet of self-driving vehicles in operation by 2021,” but acknowledged there are “significant technical hurdles to overcome between now and then.” Ford’s Chief Program Engineer for Autonomous Vehicle Development Chris Brewer discussed the largest challenges the team is required to overcome before autonomous vehicles are made available to consumers. Brewer highlighted the first issue as “making sure the car components of the self-driving vehicle are still a car in terms of safety, redundancy and reliability.” He said “there has to be some kind of steering control system that relies on simple mechanical control in case a power-steering system in a self-driving car fails.” The other key challenge Brewer outlines is “rigorous testing for endurance in a range of environmental conditions.”