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Student Profile

The EXCEL incoming freshman that EXCEL program is interested in recruiting has some or all of the following characteristics:

  • Students should have completed Algebra II and Trigonometry or Precalculus at a minimum,
  • Students should be enrolled during their senior year in a Precalculus or Calculus course. Statistics is not a Calculus course. If you are enrolled in Statistics make sure to also enroll in either Precalculus or Calculus,
  • Enjoys Mathematics. Students must earn a minimum 590 Math SAT or 23 Math ACT to be considered for the program,
  • Likes study groups,
  • Likes the small college atmosphere (the EXCEL Program will involve 400 students a year),
  • Prefers structure in education (the EXCEL Program lays out two common courses, every semester of the first year for for EXCEL participants),
  • Wants to pursue a degree in STEM,
  • Wants to have a rewarding College experience,
  • Dreams of having a great career in a STEM discipline.

If you are taking dual enrollment credit, the following three classes are suggested:

  • MAC 1105 (College Algebra)
  • MAC 1114 (Trigonometry)
  • MAC 1140 (Precalculus Algebra)

For more information about the EXCEL Program, please click on the EXCEL Informational brochure button, and/or Contact Us button. To apply for the EXCEL program please click on the EXCEL application link (EXCEL home page). The EXCEL application link is available, in the fall semester of every academic year, for prospective freshman UCF students to apply on line.