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Melissa Dagley

Executive Director – Initiatives in STEM (iSTEM)

Melissa Dagley is the Executive Director of iSTEM, a collaborative effort between the Colleges of Education, Engineering and Computer Science, and Sciences, established to promote and enhance UCF efforts on STEM education and educational research. Previously the director of Academic Affairs for the College of Engineering and Computer Science, she advised both undergraduate and graduate students within the college. Dr. Dagley serves as Director of the EXCEL, GEMS, WISE, and COMPASS programs at UCF. Her research interests lie in the areas of student access to education, retention, and persistence to graduation for students in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics programs. Please contact Dr. Dagley by e-mailing her at


Elizabeth Costello

Associate Director for Recruitment - Office of Undergraduate Admissions

Elizabeth Costello is the Associate Director for Recruitment for the Office of Undergraduate Admissions. She is responsible for the recruitment of all students for the UCF Orlando campus and the UCF Rosen College of Hospitality Management campus. Ms. Costello's interests lie in the areas of enrollment management and recruitment of targeted populations including first-generation college students.

Patrice M. Lancey

Director, Operational Excellence and Assessment Support

Dr. Patrice Lancey is the Director, of the office of Operational Excellence and Assessment Support. She coordinates the university wide Institutional Effectiveness Assessment process and supports assessment of academic programs and administrative units. Dr. Lancey's research interests include assessment of learning outcomes, student engagement, building a data driven assessment culture in an educational institution, survey research methodology, and education and health outcomes research. Dr.Lancey provides assessment design, statistical study design and analysis assistance to all UCF academic programs and administrative units. She regularly works with faculty and staff to develop research methodology and student learning assessment. To learn more about the work conducted by Dr. Lancey visit her website at:

DeLaine Priest

Student Development and Enrollment Services, Associate Vice President

DeLaine Priest, Associate Vice President of Student Development and Enrollment Services is responsible for providing transition services, academic advising, testing and learning support services for First Time in College. Ms. Priest's areas of interest includes retention, assessment, program development, and working with diverse populations Please contact Ms. Priest at

Michael Johnson

College of Sciences, Dean

Michael D. Johnson is a Professor of Physics and Dean in the College of Sciences. His research focuses on theoretical condensed matter physics, particularly electronic properties of nanoscale systems. His responsibilities as associate dean include graduate studies, research, and faculty and staff relations. For more information please see